Stanley Hotel

Come play with us, Danny…

Ermahgerd, It’s the Stanley Hotel, epic historic hotel and a notorious hot spot for paranormal activity. I was super excited to tour the Stanley during my recent trip to Denver, Colorado. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, this ghostly destination was built by the turn of the century inventor F.O. Stanley. Now, where did Mr. Stanley get all this money to build a fabulous hotel in the Rocky Mountains? Good question, I had NO idea. In fact, the only thing I knew, pre-tour, about this hotel was that it served as the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Steven King’s “The Shining.” So, let me SHINE some light on Stanley Hotel. See what I did there?

Here are some frightening facts about the Stanley Hotel.

Stanley helped create the Stanley Steamer. 

NO not Stanley STEEMER, ya know the carpet cleaners, totally different people. I’m talking about the Stanley Steamer Motor Car. It was a motor vehicle that was powered by a steam engine. In Fact, F.O Stanley took a Stanley Steamer up the mountain to get to the Stanley Hotel.

F.O Stanley was a twin.

F.E Stanley was the identical twin to F.O Stanley. Apparently, they got a kick out of dressing identically as it helped their sales. The Stanley Steamer was really a passion project for the twins. F.E Stanley was known for creating the dry plate which revolutionized photography.

The Stanley Hotel served as the inspiration for Steven King’s “The Shining.”

Legend has it that after a long night, of excessive drinking at the bar, Steven King was inspired to write a story about a ghost bartender. This story would eventually become “The Shining.”

Steven King has never confirmed that he had a ghostly experience at the hotel. However, Steven King stayed in room 217 which DOES have claims of activity.

The Stanley Hotel is best known for ghostly apparitions.

The place is Haunted! There are multiple hauntings at the Stanley Hotel. Some of the more famous ghosts are the ghosts of children on the 4th Floor, the spirit of a cowboy, and the ghost maid of room 217. Not going to lie the ghost maid sounds awesome, she is known to clean up behind guests in the middle of the night.


Yep, and there is the truth, the Stanley has a very happy and peaceful past. Don’t believe everything you see in the movies. Any ghosts at the Stanley are probably due to it being an AWESOME historic site. Who wouldn’t want to spend the afterlife in the mountains?

Travel Tips:

  1. Drink lots of Water: Drink ALLLLLL the water when visiting high altitudes.
  2. Sign up for a tour: Only hotel guests have access to the more famous haunted locations. Plan to take a tour if you would like to see the Steven King Room 217.
  3. Take a trip to the bar: There is a restaurant, and café, on the property. Just beware of ghostly bartenders.
  4. Rocky Mountain National Park: Double the museum double the fun! You can easily do both sites in one trip.