If you love museums, random historical facts, and adventures, you’ll feel right at home here.

Tag along while I visit some of the best museums, and historic sites, around the world. I’ll share fun facts, travel tips, and other random tidbits that pop up along the way.

IMG_8325 (2)

Personally, I’d describe myself as a Museum Adventurer, Lincoln Lover, and Day Time Ghost Hunter. I’ve worked and volunteered in the museum field for over ten years. However, I’ve been a museum lover since birth. For me, a good vacation consists of good views, good food, and good museums.

Museum fatigue is the mental and physical weariness caused by visiting a museum or cultural institution. Yes, it’s a real thing because science says so and yes, the struggle is real, even I myself am sometimes susceptible to the phenomenon known as museum fatigue. Museums sometimes get a bad rap but let’s turn that around. Museums started off as institutions for free learning and NOT just for the smarty pants of society. So, let’s get out there and learn about the world around us by visiting museums!

And hey, thanks for visiting, you’re super awesome.

Now, get outta here and get yourself to a museum!

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